The Dangers of Not Removing lice

Parents and schools have been considering removing the “No Nit Policy” because it forces kids infested with lice to stay out of school even though lice don’t do any real harm. In fact some schools have already removed the policy so kids don’t miss out on their classes unnecessarily. The removal of the “No Nit Policy” may look good on paper but it doesn’t do the school any favors. While most parents are disturbed by the idea of their kids hosting parasites on their heads, some simply do not care. There are an overwhelming number of parents in the country that feel that it alright to let lice be. Lice may not carry diseases but there are dangers to not removing them from your child’s head:
  1. Lice multiply: A single louse can lay hundreds of eggs after mating. By choosing to leave lice in your child’s head, you’re creating a haven for lice. Lice can fully infest a head in a matter of weeks and when you have too many, they are bound to cause discomfort.
  2. They can cause scalp infections: The lice itself may not carry diseases but too many lice walking around the head will cause serious itchiness. Kids that are fully infested are inclined to scratch their heads excessively and this leads to scalp infections.
  3. Can cause anemia: Lice feed off your child’s head. Your child’s blood is their food. When hundreds of lice are sucking on your child’s scalp there’s a chance your child can become anemic.
  4. They spread: Lice don’t just remain put. Even though a single head may look like more than enough, it’s in their nature to spread to other heads. By letting lice stay on a child’s head, parents are putting other children and adults at risk of getting lice. Your child can become an outcast!

The better solution…

Lice MultiplyRemoving the “No Nit Policy” may stop children from missing school but it can also lead to an infestation of the entire class. As some point, the lice will become a distraction for both the students and teachers. Instead of removing the policy, parents should invest in professional lice removal services. Lice Troopers offers professional lice removal services that include in-home lice removal, home inspection and cleaning as well as lice treatment salons around the country. We even provide school and camp screenings. Our professional lice removal service Pinecrest ensure that your child is lice free in a matter of hours! With our services, they won’t have to miss a day of school!