No parent wants to spend hours endlessly battling a case of head lice. They want the best head lice solutions, the treatments that are guaranteed to work. But who can you trust? The boxes of pesticide shampoos in the drugstore promise to get rid of the infestation, but research has shown that these products are largely ineffective and their claims empty. An Internet search will give you a long list of old wives’ tales that are time-consuming and messy. But there is still no promise that the bugs and nits will be gone for good. There must be a better way.


There is. Parents today are not only busy, they’re especially concerned for the health and safety of their children. That means they want a treatment that is non-toxic and chemical free. However, they also don’t want to spend weeks combing mayonnaise out of their kids’ hair. We understand.


That’s why the Lice Troopers treatment approach is the best of both worlds: safe and chemical free, while also speedy and convenient. No treatment is more thorough or effective. We’re so confident in our work we even guarantee it.


What’s the secret? A time-honored method and highly skilled professionals. Decades of experience in the field have proved that the most effective approach to eliminating these bugs is good old-fashioned nit picking. Though scientists will continue to develop stronger and stronger pesticides and chemicals to get rid of this pest, what we know is that such a dangerous approach is completely unnecessary. Why expose your child to risk of chemical side effects, when you could get a treatment that is safe for children of all ages—even those with compromised immunity?


Our removal experts are highly skilled professionals, trained to spot and remove all bugs and nits gently, thoroughly and quickly. While you sit back and read a magazine, we work through your child’s hair meticulously using specially designed lice removal combs. In about an hour you’re walking out the doors, lice free.


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: www.LiceTroopers.com or call 1-800-403-LICE.


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