Big Decisions – Should Parents Send Their Children To School During A Lice Outbreak?

Parents dread receiving the letter stating their child has lice. With the Should Parents Send Their Children To School During A Lice OutbreakNo Nit Policy in place at most schools, parents know their child won’t be admitted back to school until after a complete lice and nit removal. What about parents whose child doesn’t yet have lice? Should they send them to school during alice outbreak?

New Guidelines by the AAP Regarding Head Lice

The No Nit Policy garnered both negative and positive criticismwhen it came into effect in schools all over the country. People felt it was wrong to keep kids out of school due to head lice but this also helped educate parents about the menace, its preventative measures, and how best to remove the little bugs. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released new guidelines regarding this matter. AAP states in their report that “no healthy child should be restricted from school due to head lice”. Additionally, pediatricians and local lice removal treatment services in Kendall are encouraged to carry out education on lice removal, inspection and screenings at schools and communities. Emphasis is placed on abandoning the harsh No Nit Policy altogether. Instead schools are being told to let children finish the school day, be treated, and have them return.

AAP Set To Change School Policies in South Florida

Taking the new guidelines seriously, the Broward County School District in South Florida is all set to abolish the No Nit Policy. All children (even with lice) must now attend class! The school retracted the following in support of the new policy: ‘Lice are not a health hazard as previously assumed, but a nuisance. Children are missing too much school due to this nuisance which is why the ‘No Nit Policy’ isn’t in place any longer. The active encouragement of AAP, the National Association of School Nurses and the Centers for Disease Control certainly agrees with this decision.’

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