Always Choose the Professional Route When Thinking of Lice Treatment Options

Parents have three main options to choose from when it comes to lice removal. There’s the DIY method, i.e. slathering your child’s head with an OTC lice removal solution or hiring professional lice removal services.

DIY Lice Removal Isn’t 100% SuccessfulDIY Lice Removal Isn’t 100% Successful

Yes, parents can remove lice themselves, but the procedure isn’t 100% successful due to many reasons. Some people believe in using natural home remedies for lice removal. Such remedies usually involve trying to suffocate the lice. Mayonnaise, olive-oil, petroleum jelly and even vinegar are layered on the head which is then tied in a plastic bag. Left overnight, it’s believed that the lice suffocate to death. There haven’t been any studies conducted to verify this method. Parents will also need to conduct nit combing in any case to remove dead lice and their nits (which won’t suffocate!) Other parents opt for over-the-counter lice removal shampoos and lotions. Many of those contain permethrin that don’t really kill the nits or lice eggs. This increases the chance of re-infestation in the same or next week!

The Best Option: Professional and Certified Lice Removal

Lice removal salons are the best option for thorough lice removal because they save parents the hassle of nit combing as well as the home cleaning – that is often done as a prevention measure. There are other reasons for opting professional lice removal service Miami Beach. Unlike use of home remedies or even choosing a mobile lice removal service, the professionals have their own facility and operate a brick and mortar business. If it’s a well known lice removal service like LiceTroopers, it’s easy to get to their locations. These professional lice salons offer a 100% lice free guarantee as well as a non-toxic, pesticide-free and pesticide free lice removal treatment. Lice removal can be a very harrowing process for young children and some adults as well. Professional lice treatment clinics provide a welcoming, comfortable and friendly atmosphere that makes it easier for young children to cope during treatment. In addition, professional lice treatment salon Miami Beach offers convenience in the form of same-day screening and one session treatments. With so many reasons in their favor, why choose the DIY lice removal method over going to the professionals? Reduce the hassle of removing your own nits and lice by visiting the peaceful and professional LiceTrooper’s salon today! Take a look at what our customers have to say!