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Head lice outbreaks are easily spread from child to child or a family member. One of the most frequent questions we get from Moms is, How to prevent the spread of lice? Head louse parasites most popular victims are children due to the close contact they have at school and daycare facilities. Sharing toys and playing dress-up are some of the ways children pass them to one another.

Children with Itchy Heads

However, children are not the only ones who may find themselves with itchy heads. If you come into contact with lice or nits (eggs), there’s a strong likelihood that they or a family member will become infested with head louse parasites. Whether by giving hugs, playing sports, sharing hats or using a contaminated pillow, there are countless ways to spread these nasty critters.

Preventing head lice can be more difficult in children as they are prone to close play. Tell your child to avoid sharing headwear (hats and beanies), and try to get the other parents, teachers and daycare workers on board with the effort. Early detection through regularly scheduled inspections can help limit spreading them to others and reduce the number of families impacted.

Professional Removal Services

If you do find that, your child or one of his or her friends has an infestation of head louse parasites or nits, inform all parties involved and contact a professional lice removal service, such as Lice Troopers.

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Your child may contract them more than once, but making sure that the problem is addressed quickly will help keep your home from becoming a source of re-contamination. To learn more about how to prevent the spread of lice and what to do if your child is infested, Call us today at 1-800-403-5423.