Is Dyed Hair Immune to Head Lice?

People are under the impression that dyeing their hair somehow makes them immune to lice – it doesn’t. Some absurd stories of mothers treating head-lice by putting hair relaxers in their child’s hair have also emerged. Chemicals found in hair-dyes and relaxers may kill live lice but they won’t have an effect on nits. Also there’s no guarantee that lice will be killed with the chemicals; those pesky critters move fast. It’s very possible that the hair dye misses them. Now if you think that having dyed hair will prevent you from catching lice, you couldn’t be more wrong. Lice don’t care what color your hair is or that you’ve used chemical dyes on it. As long as they can suck your scalp for food, they’re good! What you do to your hair strands is none of their concern.

Does hair-dye kill lice?

With all the talk about how toxic hair-dyes are and the damage they can do to your hair, you would expect them to be able to kill lice. When chemical dyes are first applied to your hair, the chemicals in the dye are activated. These chemicals are toxic. Adults have successful stories of combating lice infestation by dyeing their hair however such strong chemicals should not be used on children. Do not dye your child’s hair in attempt to remove lice from their hair. Their scalps are much more delicate and the dye could lead to severe irritation and possibly burns.

Can dyed hair keep the lice away?

No, once the dye is washed off your hair, there’s no stopping the lice from re-infesting your hair.

Does it have an effect on nits?

There are many ways to remove lice from hair but you aren’t lice-free until you extract their eggs (called nits). Female louse lay nits close to roots and they cover it with a sticky substance which stops them from moving around. Chemicals in hair dyes hamper the lice’s neurological systems. Nits below the age of 3 days haven’t yet developed neurological systems therefore they aren’t affected at all. Hair-dye isn’t an effective solution to removing lice and is definitely not suitable for young children. At Lice Troopers we extract all lice and nits in a single session using all-organic treatments. We’ll inspect the hair meticulously ensuring that all lice and nits are removed. Through our Lice Free Membership any sessions you may require in the future will be offered free of cost! In Coral Gables, Miami and require lice-removal services? Contact Lice Troopers Coral Gables today by calling 1-800-403-5423.