Lice & Love: Why Your Relationships May Be Failing Due To Head Lice

The course of true love never did run smooth. Shakespeare had it pretty accurate, but throw a lice infestation into the mix and the path of love becomes even more bumpy. Many of us go through life looking for ‘The One’ and some actually do manage to find their soul mates. While people do vow to stay together no matter what, in sickness and in health, sometimes situations can get tricky. If one partner has contracted lice, it might end up affecting their relationship. People who are especially particular about cleanliness may find the thought of their partner having lice a little gross. But don’t let lice ruin your relationship.

Vow to Be Together In Sickness and In Health  

The test of true love is to stay together in good times and bad. The sincerity of your love is solely proved through your actions. If your partner has contracted lice, it’s your duty to stand beside them in their time of need. It’s understandable that lice is highly contagious, carries the heavy social stigma, and is burdensome to deal with as well, it can be very easy to let your relationship get affected because of a lice outbreak. Vow to Be Together In Sickness and In Health

Letting Lice be a Threat to Intimacy

While we commonly associate head lice and lice outbreaks with school-going children, lice is pretty common amongst adults as well. Lice is actually not just exclusive to children, adults are just as vulnerable. According to the CDC, more than 6-12 million people suffer from head lice outbreak every year and the adult population make up for a significant portion of that number. This means that many people might be struggling to gain acceptance in their love life just because they’re dealing with lice. Given how taboo the topic of lice is and how lice can be contagious due to close physical contact, it can end up becoming a big threat to intimacy in a relationship. If your partner’s the one dealing with head lice, it’s up to you to decide how to handle the situation and how it affects your relationship. The best way to deal with this issue is to help your partner get the best lice treatment that can help them eradicate lice completely. We at Lice Troopers offer expert lice removal services such as in-home lice removal and at home inspection and cleaning in Kendall and Pinecrest. You can also book an appointment at our best lice treatment Pinecrest salon by calling 1.800.403.5423.