Avoiding This Costly Mistake Will Save You Time & Money

You wouldn’t half bake a cake, partially cook raw chicken, or live in an incomplete house without a roof, so why would you only ensure that some of your family are screened and/or treated for lice? Perhaps one of the most significant mistakes people make when deciding what steps to take to be lice free is failing to recognize the importance of making sure each household member has been screened too.  At first, it may seem like the wise thing to do is treat the infected person, clean up the house, and cross your fingers hoping that you don’t have to cry over lice and nits anymore.  This train of thought might save you money and time in the short run, but in the long run, you run the risk of making things worse for you and your family.

When Re-Infestation Happens

Imagine your 10-year-old son is infested with bothersome head lice and you treat him and him only. Because you failed to screen yourself and your spouse how do you know that you didn’t contract lice from your child during that last family movie night when you all sat together on the sofa?  Assuming you don’t get checked and you did pick up the lice, you will probably pass it on to other family members and oh, back to your son himself. Then you’ll wonder, “How did this happen?”, “Why did this re-infestation occur?”, and possibly cast blame on the professional treatment professionals who thoroughly removed the head lice from your son the first go round.  It’ll slowly dawn on you that perhaps it’s your fault that you only conducted partial screenings instead of full head screenings of everyone at risk.  Let us break it down for you.

Your Lice Busting Options

Scenario 1 (Best and Preferred): Pay for a chemical free treatment for you and your son (hubby hadn’t caught it yet) and screening for your husband you and being done with the whole mess. Versus Scenario 2 (Extra Energy and Money Expended): Pay for the first treatment for your son, pay for treatment for you, pay for a treatment for your husband (who now caught lice over time from you), and pay for a second treatment for your son who became re-infested. Bottom line: If one person in your family has contracted head lice, this puts each and every other household member at great risk of an infestation too. Lice can easily be transmitted via sharing hair accessories and direct head-to-head contact. This tends to be the norm in most families which leads to a repeat infestation. Be smart and efficient and don’t do anything halfway in life – especially when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your family. Should you find yourself in a bind and need quick and efficient lice removal services, Lice Troopers is here for you.  Our lice experts work out of your home or at one of several lice clinics, like the one in Bay Harbor and will meticulously remove every nit and bug from your hair, leaving you 100% lice free – guaranteed.