Effective Lice Removal Technique: Wet Combing

The American Academy of Dermatology does validate that head lice can be killed using potent and concentrated pediculicidal shampoo available at the local drugstore. And yet, this pesticide formula is often overused or misused by parents. Research is also showing that these treatments are increasingly ineffective as lice keep getting stronger and stronger. So, if you can’t rely on OTC lice removal solutions, what do you do? Here’s our take:

Head Lice and Nits Better Than Manual RemovalNothing Gets Rid Of Head Lice and Nits Better Than Manual Removal

Ask any head lice expert and they’ll define lice removal as a precise process. It requires the right equipment, lots of light, good eyesight and plenty of patience. Perhaps the only issue with removing head lice with a lice comb is that the nits (or eggs) still remain attached to the hair follicles even after rigorous combing. They must be removed manually, whether by dry or wet combing method.

What Is The Wet Combing Method?

In this method, you won’t have to use a lice killing lotion or shampoo prior to combing. Similar to the wet lice detection method, the only difference with this method is the intensity with which you’ll need to carry out wet combing. For a thorough and effective job, you’ll need at least an hour of rigorous combing with the proper, toothed detection device (nit comb). While the method doesn’t vary even slightly in its finer points, people can choose what commercial brand of shampoo or conditioner they would like to use. Here are a few other considerations:
  1. The hair of all family members (even those without evidence of lice) needs to be checked at the same time.
  2. Treatment, however, will only be applied to family members who have evidence of live lice and nits in their hair.
  3. The term nit-picking applies the most in this method.
  4. Wet combing doesn’t offer a 100% guarantee.
  5. Repeat treatments are a must.
What to Remember If you are attempting this method at home, the above routine should be followed at least four times, every four days, for the best results. It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality metal detection comb, even though a plastic one also works just fine. In the end, the actual number of sessions you’ll be required to undergo depends on the last time you see head lice, either on the nit comb or crawling on the head. Seems like a big job, doesn’t it? Well, there’s good news. With professional lice salons in Miami Beach offering their superb and thorough lice removal services, there’s no need for hours of DIY nit combing and lice removal treatmentBook an appointment today, at Lice Troopers! We are a lice clinic you can count on for proven results.