The Disturbing Case of Nits

When kids get infested with head lice, parents are rocketed into a state of fright. They frantically seek all sorts of head lice solutions. And this is just where they come across a host of contradictory recommendations. From OTC lice treatment products to mayonnaise, olive oil and what not – each of them make unrealistic claims, guaranteeing lice removal. However, the big question is, how many of them actually deliver results? One thing common among all these recommendations is that they emphasize killing the pests, and not its eggs. Of course, killing the live and hearty head lice is important, but ignoring the nits could be worse. Most lice experts agree on the fact that in the course of head lice removal, killing the nits is the toughest and the most important part.However, unfortunately, the majority lice treatments don’t focus on this aspect, or they are unable to do the job. Bluntly speaking, it is always easier to eliminate live lice than its eggs, which are sturdily glued to the hair shaft in massive quantities.It is rather easy and common for the nits to convert a seemingly uncomplicated case of head lice into a recurring condition. Want to know how?

Why are Nits so Disturbing?

An adult female louse can lay up to ten eggs a day, five on average. That means potentially over a hundred nits in their 30-32 day lifespan. When a louse lays eggs, it attaches the eggs to the hair shafts using a glue fixative that makes it hard for a common person to remove. The egg hatches in a matter of seven to ten days and a nymph comes out of it. In three short stages, the nymph matures into a full-grown adult louse. The gist is that lice eggs cannot be choked with mayonnaise or killed with toxic chemicals. When you fail to exterminate nits, you are bound to suffer from a re-infestation. Kids and parents experiencing this understand how damaging this vicious cycle can be. Parents see their children coming from home with unwelcomed guests. To seek solutions, they resort to a drugstore to purchase anti-lice products, making their kids vulnerable to other illnesses.

Is There A Way Out Of This Cycle?

Heading straight to the point: there is no treatment as of now that’s 100% safe, and guarantees remarkable results, unless you switch to natural lice removal treatment. We have some of the most experienced, professional and courteous lice doctors.Their methods use no chemicals and include a complete and thorough combing, guaranteeing that each bug and nit is removed from the hair. To make an appointment, call us at our New York clinic 347-391-7730 right away.