Fear Not Death; But The Wrath of Lice: All About Lice Phobia

Pediculophobia—sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Let’s say it’s infinitely more stressful to live with this condition than pronounce the name—  pediculophobia is the term for the phobia of head lice. Phobias, as per their formal definition, are the irrational fears that are  disproportionate to the object of fear i.e., Head lice. Phobias can lead to extreme anxiety, which provokes abnormal avoidance of the object or situation, causing fear. People who are dealing with head lice problems and lice infestation either can go into complete social isolation or practice dangerous acts to eliminate this problem. Research shows that almost 75% of people suffer from pediculophobia, although their condition may vary in severity. The prevalence of this phobia is becoming as widespread as the infestation of head lice itself. However, unfortunately science has continually suffered defeat against this problem because head lice have evolved into genetically-mutated super lice that are impervious to most antidotes. If this isn’t enough to send chills down your spine, nothing is. But there’s nothing that’s entirely impossible with sufficient in-depth knowledge of the subject and the right tools. At Lice Troopers, you’ll have lice specialists dealing with your case individually who will send you home with a clean scalp after a few sittings. But first, let’s understand the gravity of the problem.

The Fear of Lice

The logical route to eliminating a problem is to reach the root cause. Even though millions of Americans fall prey to head lice infestation, these numbers can be significantly brought down by watching out for signs of an early infestation. The Trauma of Lice The first thing to look for is specks of white dotting your scalp. These can be nits in eggshells that have been laid near the roots. Don’t think you can shake your roots to throw these eggs out because they’re adhesively glued to hair strands to prevent easy removal. An amateur may not be able to decipher between dandruff, flakes, and nits so it’s important to consult a professional if you suspect head lice. Scratching and incessant itching come second to the laying of eggs. The scratching doesn’t begin after weeks of the hatching of the lice eggs. So if you’re experiencing unusual itching, it’s definitely time to see a lice specialist. Chances are you’re already knee-deep in the problem so don’t delay treatment further.

The Trauma of Lice

It’s quite possible that you’re so deeply traumatized by the social stigma of having head lice or by an innate fear of creatures crawling on your scalp at night that you ignore it. Regardless of whether you’re ready to face the problem or not in a clinical setting, it’s imperative to consult our certified lice specialists at out lice clinics and deal with lice in a practical manner. They’re experienced in dealing with clients who may have develop fear of lice and will make sure your fears are addressed before the lice problem. See our lice specialists at our professional lice treatment center. Contact us for more details.