Pinterest Won’t Make Lice Go Away! What Will?

What is the most dreaded 4 letter word in the entire English language? L.I.C.E – a word that brings shivers and perspiration upon the most battle-hardened mom. Yet, there are a lot of solutions and remedies to get rid of this menace, gleaned off the internet. For all those creative and artistic, Pinterest is an incredible web blogging platform which provides fantastic DIY tips and tricks. Yet there are some exceptions – lice removal to be exact. Following are just some thoughts on so-called effective lice removal, found from such websites.

Lice Removal Product Has To Be Strong – And Possibly Toxic To Work

No and no… Removing nits and lice with a specialized metal comb is still the only best way to remove head lice! Why would you want to douse harmful chemical laden lice removal shampoos on your child’s head? Considering lice have become resistant to almost all the OTC lice removal products.

Shaving Your Head Works

Are you serious? Do you really think shaving your 13 year daughter’s head is a good lice prevention solution? What about the bulling she’ll endure at school? Unknown to many people, head lice can live in as little as 2 mm of hair! Choosing this drastic method or even having a haircut is unnecessary. Let lice removal specialists handle this job before choosing something dramatic for yourself or a loved one.

Lice Prefers Dirty Hair… A Hot Shower Every day Will Help Get Rid of Lice

Those disgusting, blood-sucking parasites actually prefer clean heads! Cue gasps and exclamations of horror. Also, head lice can survive in water for up to 8 hours! So, it doesn’t really matter how many showers you have in a day, because lice will come to get you sooner or later. Yes, there are other more effective lice prevention methods that can be tried with more success. Regular lice screening and inspection helps discover beginnings of a lice infestation, before it becomes a full-blown for parents and schools!

Mayonnaise Is a Good Condiment – A Natural Lice Removal Method

It’s a delicious condiment, yes. Can mayonnaise be used as an effective lice removal method? That question is still up for debate, without any positive responses. The idea behind this gross lice removal method is lice death by suffocation. Why is it not the brightest idea to dump mayonnaise on your child’s head? Two words – salmonella and harmful bacteria! Make your life easier one step at a time! Begin by unbelieving these lice removal methods which can do more harm than good, sometimes. Call Lice Troopers Miami professional lice removal specialist for an in-home head lice treatment Miami!