Pre-Birthday Party Lice Care—Why It’s Necessary

Planning a birthday party is often a lot of work, but seeing your child happy, celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime occasion in their lives with close family and friends is worth it. Between taking trips to the bakers and arranging party décor, you may not think about a very real possibility of a lice outbreak. Yes, head lice do invade birthday parties. Anytime a bunch of kids get together, head lice epidemics happen. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the average number of head lice infestations in the U.S. range fall between 6–12 million, the primary victims being children. Children going to school and camps are particularly susceptible to head lice. Other special occasions that lice ruin include holidays, family reunions, and of course, birthday parties.

Uninvited Guests

It’s an awful thing really, to blow out the candles, cut the cake, and engage in celebratory cheer…only to start out on the next year of life with an itchy scalp. How do lice end up roaming between party guests? The primary reason is a direct head-to-head contact, as children huddle up to sing the birthday song and have the pictures taken. Other likely causes include wearing someone else’s birthday hat, a hat that may or may not have a critter from the previous child’s head. Unless you want your child crying over the birthday party leftovers the next day, it’s time to take a stand against head lice, and keep them out.

Aging Up (Without Lice)

lice removal appointmentLet’s make sure your kids steps into the new phase of life with a new bike or a fun science kit, NOT head lice. Here a few tips to help you and your child enjoy the celebrations without attracting a lice epidemic:
  • Lice check the birthday girl/boy. They’re the ones who will be doing the rounds of the party, and everyone will want a selfie with them. If it turns out that your child does have head lice, you’ll be glad you had time to make a quick lice removal appointment before they ended up spreading their lice to all other children.
  • As we mentioned previously, birthday party hats can contain head lice. Although lice cannot survive over 48 hours out of hair, it is enough time for any lice to latch to another unsuspecting kid’s hair. Make sure there is no hat-sharing going on.
  • In fact, advise your child against sharing any personal items such as, hats, caps, masks or wigs (if it’s a themed party).
  • Get a lice check again after the party. A better approach would be to get go for lice salon specialist for a lice screening on your child hair.
If your child does end up with a lice infestation, Lice Troopers’ safe and quick lice treatment service are the perfect solution! Get in touch with us at 800-403-5423 to let us help you celebrate your kid’s birthday joyously!