The Woes of Being a Teacher with Head Lice

Playgrounds and schools are infamous as a haven for head lice. They’re mainly known for toddlers and middle school kids running around with pesky, blood-thirsty critters in their hair. And while most people associate head lice with children, the sesame seed-sized parasites beg to differ. Lice do not have a specific preference. They do not prefer people with poor hygiene and do not have a specific age that they like, nor do they infest women more than men. So often times when people associate head lice with children, they forget that playgrounds aren’t only filled with kids—they’re filled with teachers too!

The Woes of a Teacher with Lice

As a teacher, you’re often times trained with sending children off with a note to tell their parents they can’t send their kids to school if they have lice. But when you’re the one who has been affected, it can be difficult keeping it a secret for long. Often times, you’re followed by the stress of a zero-tolerance policy that takes the form of a nightmare. If you’re caught with lice, you will either be dismissed or sent home until you’re cleared. But if you get caught, you also risk the chance of being an outcast, not just amongst your peers but your students as well. The last thing you want is to be known as that teacher with lice. And the last thing you want is to be known as “Ms. Lice” amongst your students. If you tried everything you could find on the internet—from homemade remedies to trying anti-lice shampoos, it can be frustrating. But these products are often times laden with chemicals that damage not only your hair and scalp but your health as well. In addition, lice have immune to the products available in department stores. The plastic and metal combs available are also made from low-quality materials, often times breaking or damaging the scalp. They’re also responsible for hair breakage.

Facing Your Fears

Before you decide to throw in the towel and shave your head, there’s one option that you haven’t tried: lice removal services. It may sound strange but there are professional lice treatment centers that are dedicated to helping victims of blood-thirsty parasites. The specialists there use natural products and special, high-quality combs to remove the parasites and nits, strand by strand. The treatment usually takes a day. We are a professional lice clinic Key Biscayne. If you or someone you know is struggling with a lice infestation, feel free to visit our clinic. We also offer in-home treatments for busy individuals.