Presenting: In-Home Lice Treatments, Now Serving West Palm Beach

Lice Troopers aims to help as many people as possible get rid of their lice problems. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re now serving West Palm Beach.

With the current state of the world, we’re all at home more than usual. But the Palm Beach County School Board has begun opening schools once again. If you’ve chosen to end your kid’s distance learning, we understand. Children miss their friends, and brick-and-mortar schools provide a richer learning environment.

You don’t need to worry about a lice outbreak. You likely feel preoccupied enough by worrying about a COVID outbreak. When focused on taking measures to keep our kids safe, who has time to stress about lice? That’s why Lice Troopers is here. We fix the problem for you. We rid you of your worries. We ease your worries. Already serving numerous areas in Florida, we’ve expanded our reach to come to your West Palm Beach home.

Heat & Humidity Means More Lice

Scenic and tropical, West Palm Beach stands as one of the first cities to be incorporated in South Florida. Families thrive in its various communities. While its humid climate treats our sinuses and skin kindly, humidity brings its drawbacks. Namely, head lice prefer hot and humid environments like ours.

Fear of this parasite should never make us restrict our kids from sharing with others to enrich their childhood. We, as parents, however, should have a plan of action for the inevitable day when we find our little one with an itchy head and a hair full of lice & nits.

Lice Troopers recognizes what Florida humidity entails. Lice love humid climates, but there’s no need to sacrifice our tropical environment if we’re fully prepared to combat the notorious critters.

What Do Our Lice House Calls Entail?

Our In-Home lice treatments consist of 5 simple steps.

1) Book your appointment.

Call to book your in-home treatment. We’ll find a day and time that is most convenient for you. Remember: the sooner, the better. Lice day about 8 eggs (nits) a day, so the infestation only worsens as time goes on.

2) One of our certified technicians comes to you.

A professional Lice Troopers technician comes to your home in an unmarked car, so as to maintain your discretion. She/he arrives at the previously agreed upon time will the tools and products required to eliminate your child’s lice.

3) Your child and/or you receive treatment.

Our technician will explain the process to you and get started with lice removal treatment. She’ll target every louse and hit, removing them with a special comb after using natural products to thicken the chair. You’ll be able to see the parasitic insects removed on a paper towel. Within an hour or less, the process will be over, and you’ll feel immediate relief.

4) You’re provided with information about lice prevention.

Our technician takes a few minutes to educate you on which measures to take to better prevent future lice infestations. If you’ve also opted for our home cleaning service as well, your house and its surfaces are thoroughly cleaned at this point as well.

5) Lice Troopers leaves, and you’re lice-free!

Once the process has ended, the infected individual is lice-free! You’ll have a 14-day guarantee, and if you still find lice in your hair in this span, you’ll receive free retreatment! Although we’re sure this won’t be necessary, as we’re experts in our field.

Dedicated Care and Thorough Treatment

We come to you in your time of need and care for your children like our very own. With a far gentler yet more effective approach than alternatives, you know your daughters and sons are safe with us. Busy parents worry enough without lice coming into the fold, so our services tailor to your needs. Lice Troopers professionals come to you, rid your children of lice in an hour, & educate you on how to prevent lice infestations going forward.

Benefit from our expertise and liberate your child from lice today with Lice Troopers West Palm Beach in-home service. Your kids deserve a lively childhood they’ll remember, and together we’ll make sure that- contracting lice remains but a blip in an otherwise sunny and playful ocean of memories.

Call us today at 800-403-5423 to book your home visit!