Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Professional Lice Removal Services

Head lice are the tiny bugs that reside on the human scalp and obtain their nourishment from blood. While this parasite doesn’t tend to cause or carry disease, it is a nuisance. In addition to leaving extremely itchy bites behind, it can be embarrassing to be singled out as someone who has head lice. Due to this reason, it is necessary to take steps in order to eradicate a head lice infestation as soon as you observe the first signs. There are many methods and treatments that people employ to get rid of head lice, but the only effective one is to go with professional head lice removal services, such as Lice Troopers. Listed below are the top three reasons why…

No Side Effects

Professional head lice removal services, such as Lice Troopers, have an array of pesticide free treatment options, which do not harm the human scalp or hair in any way. Lice Troopers follows a routine of applying an anti-lice lotion, an pesticide free hair thickener to thicken the hair shaft, making it difficult for head lice to navigate, an anti-lice hair spray, and a specialty comb. All these effective treatments come together to create a routine which is not only natural and free of chemicals andharmful side effects, but also highly effective.

Get Lice-Free in One Sitting

Unlike home remedies and over the counter treatments, such as shampoos that contain pyrethrins, Lice Troopers can get rid of an infestation in a single sitting. No need to visit the salon multiple times. Best of all, you don’t have to apply damaging lotions or serums onto your hair or scalp to get a lice-free head swiftly.

Home and School Inspection

Lice Troopers offers a unique service of home and school inspections. If your household or your child’s school recently experienced an epidemic, our team of dedicated staff will inspect all the nooks and corners to make sure it doesn’t relapse. Lice Troopers also provides school-wide head lice screenings to help keep schools and communities lice free. In addition to that, Lice Troopers gives school children a Lice-Free certificate that can be presented at school as a proof of treatment. Make your life easier by opting for Lice Troopers. Contact us at 1.800.403.5423 to learn more about our treatment options, or to schedule your appointment.