Quiz Time! Types Of People With Head Lice: Which One Are You?

Do you know how in horror movies there’s always that one person who walks around the house asking, “Hello, is anyone in there?” They know that the serial killer or demon is lurking around in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity. And they still don’t listen to us when we face-palm and tell them not to roam around the house! And then there’s that one guy that suggests that maybe it’s best to move out of the house (let’s all be that guy!) There are some movie characters we admire and some we find frustrating to watch (Looking at you, Ross Geller!) But we all can relate to certain characters, even if we find their presence on television vexing. This is especially true when it comes to head lice! If you’ve ever dealt with the pesky critters, you know they’re worse than antagonists in horror movies. With that in mind, let’s find out what type of lice victim you are!

The Manic Who Panics

“What should I do?” and “MY LIFE IS OVER!” are the first thoughts that pop into this victim’s head. They pace around their room and then run to their computer, looking for online remedies, ordering everything that’s labeled “anti-lice” and “fast results!” They drive themselves up the wall and think about never going out again. Like, ever. Then they visit their local pharmacy, awkwardly walking to the counter with a few head lice shampoos.

The “Take a Chill Pill, Phil!”

“They’re just bugs. What could happen?” While we like this way of thinking, remember that head lice aren’t just embarrassing, they also come with a social stigma. They can jeopardize your career and ruin your relationships. This type of victim doesn’t really care and often go for the “shave your hair” option.

The Home Remedy Guru

There’s only one solution to the problem! Home remedies (not really). This type of lice victim will deal with the problem by applying anything and everything in their kitchen! From mayonnaise to baking powder and even ketchup (seriously?)—they are willing to go the extra mile. But the end result is always the same: disappointed and out of groceries.

The “Can’t Beat ‘Em? Treat ‘Em!”

These types of victims are like the logical characters (that rarely exist) in TV shows. They’re thinking exactly what you’re thinking. They’re realistic and know that the best way to deal with the problem isn’t through home remedies or anti-lice shampoos. It’s by visiting a lice removal clinic. Lice removal services not only provide natural treatments, but they also use special combs made of high quality materials. This guarantees complete removal of lice and nits from each strand of hair. Furthermore, lice clinics also offer in-home treatments to busy individuals who don’t have time to visit the clinic. They also provide home inspections so that the victims’ homes are eliminated of lice. We are a lice removal salon that offers in-home treatments, and natural treatments for removing head lice in Miami. If you or someone you know is struggling with head lice, feel free to visit our website for further information or contact us for booking inquiries