Lice Lessons from a Nit-Picky Mom: What You Shouldn’t Do

Raising kids is stressful but what’s even worse is spending hours removing lice from their hair. Not only does it take an immense amount of time and dedication to get anywhere near to solving the problem, the next day you’re left to deal with more lice. I understand the struggle of every mom because I’ve been there myself. When my daughter, Kaitlin, came home from school with a note saying she had lice, I felt helpless and embarrassed. I had never struggled with lice as a kid so my knowledge of these pesky critters was nil. What made the problem worse was when I looked up what to do on the internet. ‘Doctors’ and ‘lice experts’ online all gave information that left me feeling confused. Some said to use OTC products and some said to use DIY home remedies.

The Nightmare That Followed…

Dealing with the problem for the first time led me to experiment with homemade remedies. This was because I had work in the morning and household chores in the evening. I couldn’t afford to go outside to buy OTC products except on the weekend but I wanted to get rid of the problem immediately. Another reason was that the ingredients required were available to me as they were common food items. I started with tree tea oil. The instruction said to leave it in for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. Not only did it did do nothing, I could practically hear the little parasites laughing in my face, asking me for more “tree tea juice.” Next, I tried mayonnaise. It stated that it’s an effective treatment for head lice and a popular one. This resulted in my daughter’s hair become extremely greasy and it took me 2 hours to get the stuff out of her hair. This was more frustrating than taking out lice. Desperate for solutions, I found a website to order OTC anti-lice products. Advertised as an effective, one-time treatment with more than a 100 good reviews, I fell for the gimmick. When I opened the cap, I could see a skull in the form of smoke appear from the bottle. There was a foul smell but that didn’t stop me. Unfortunately, that also didn’t stop the stubborn critters. But that wasn’t the only problem. My daughter’s hair became dry and brittle. At the age of 10, she started experiencing hair fall.

Here’s What I Learned

The struggle was painful and highly stressful. I learned that OTC products are laden with harmful chemicals that damage the hair and the scalp. Another important lesson that I learned is that homemade remedies are ineffective and troublesome to wash out. So how did I solve the problem that almost drove me to the edge of the cliff? Desperate and helpless, I saw an advertisement for Lice Troopers online. I read about their free head lice screenings and lice-free membership that helped offered in-home treatments. This was perfect for me since I had work to deal with. I called them up; a specialist was sent to my house to take care of the problem. It was a one-time treatment and the rest is history. They managed to effortlessly remove every nit and bug in my daughter’s hair with natural products and specialized combs. I can now style my daughter’s hair without any worries. Lice Troopers offers professional lice removal services to struggling parents and ensures child safety through natural treatments. Call 1-800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment today.