Time for a Routine Lice Check-up Before School Starts!

Lice are tiny parasites that live on our scalps. They cling to hair shafts and sustain themselves on human blood. Symptoms of lice infestation include itching and irritation of the scalp, which is when it’s worth seeking treatment. Since school is out for the summer, parents think their kids are safe from catching this little critter. But remember, lice are transferred via contact and sharing hair accessories, towels, pillow covers and so forth. So if your kids have been playing with other kids, attending camp, sleepovers, swimming—basically just being kids, you may want to watch out.

What are the signs of lice infestation?

As adults, we’re a lot more aware of what’s going on with our bodies, and when something doesn’t feel quite right. So if you feel any of the following symptoms, or your kid expresses them, you might need to get checked for lice:
  1. You feel itchy: You probably feel itchy just thinking about them, but we’re talking about the itch on your scalp and neck that’s so unmistakable, anyone would know it. Do you feel your hand reaching up over and over again? Might be lice!lice removal service New Jersey
  2. You can actually feel them crawl on you: another telltale sign is the feeling of something crawling through your hair. Yikes!
  3. You’re noticing nits and lice: this one’s bad, because now you can actually see them, perhaps in shafts of hair, on your forehead or around your skin. If not on yourself, you sure notice them on your kid’s hair. Time to schedule an appointment with us if you’re looking for professional lice removal services in New Jersey, NY.
  4. It’s summer time! Love summer vacation? So do your kids, and so do lice. It’s often because kids come home with lice before school ends, or during summer camp and other activities, and you only really notice them when summer is ending or halfway through—so about this time of the year. In addition, summer months mean lots of sweat, tangles, dirty hair and outdoor play, all of which can leave your kids prone to infestations.

This is because lice develop in different stages, so you don’t always get to see them during school months, or for weeks into the summer. When they eventually do change color and shape, is when the problem becomes evident. This is why it’s important to keep checking for lice at home, just part hair and give a thorough glance, or run a fine toothed comb through their hair. If you do catch something, it’s time for you to visit our lice removal clinic New Jersey. Contact us here.