Don’t Let Head Lice Harm Your Business or Families

If you run a child care facility, camp, or school, chances are you will encounter head lice at some point. Regular screening for head lice is wise, and when they are discovered, children should be sent home and not readmitted until the problem is taken care of. School nurses and other personnel can check for parasites and eggs, but this can keep them from other, more important duties. Day care providers, schools, and camps often rely on a professional head lice screening service like Lice Troopers to thoroughly screen children for head louse parasites and nits (eggs).

Head Lice Harm Your Business – Regular Screening Can Stop Infestation Before It Starts

When children are screened regularly, infestations can be stopped in their tracks. At the beginning of the school year or before children arrive at camp, make your head lice policy clear to parents so they will know what to expect should their child be discovered to have an infestation. By staying on top of the problem through screening programs, there’s lower risk of a major problem affecting more children and possibly staff as well. Your screening service should employ professionals with extensive experience finding and treating the problem.

Keep Parents Informed About Their Lice Removal Options

For extraction in home, parents can turn to professional services that send technicians into the home to take care of the problem quickly, discreetly, and without the use of harsh chemicals. Many parents don’t know about in-home lice treatment and would prefer this option if a child is found to have head louse parasites or nits. Make sure the parents of children at your facility know that this is an option. You should also stress the importance of a follow-up nit check to ensure children can return to school, day care, or camp without the risk of spreading lice to others.

Treatment in the Home Is a Service Parents Appreciate

Though treatments are readily available in stores, these treatments are far from ideal, because they use harsh chemicals, and because the head louse parasites have evolved to be more resistant to these treatments, even if parents follow the directions meticulously. Home lice removal services should use the proven method of manual lice extraction using a professional comb specifically designed for extraction of the nits and parasites, coupled with gentle cleansers that soften hair and make the process easier. Home eradication services should also follow up to ensure all parasites and eggs are gone.

Follow-Up Care Is Critical to Ensuring Eradication

For head louse extraction in home situations, parents should insist on follow-up care to ensure no nits were left behind. In your facility’s policy, you should emphasize the importance of proper cleaning and laundering in the home to prevent re-infestation. Removing lice is painstaking, but follow-up screening is critical. With a clear policy and recommendations to parents about trusted removal services like Lice Troopers, you can help ensure children in your facility remain free of the problem and you do not have to worry that head lice harm your business or take up your valuable time.