Complete Head Lice Removal: Why You Need Home Inspection & Cleaning Services

Despite what some may think, getting rid of lice doesn’t just end with getting an effective treatment for your scalp. Your residence might get infested with head lice as the pests are notorious for quickly spreading from an infested person to furniture, clothes, and household items. This is why along with professional hair lice removal services, a comprehensive house inspection and cleaning is absolutely indispensible. The cleaning crew at Lice Troopers has years of experience in providing thorough and meticulous lice cleaning services that encompass all parts of the house.

Say Bye-Bye To Repeat Infestations

One of the biggest reasons why people experience a second round of head lice breakout is that they neglect to get their house screened for potential infestations. Along with ineffective methods like OTC products and home remedies, infested house furniture and bedding that’s left undetected could lead to a repeat problem. This means that other household members can be at risk of contracting head lice too. With professional house lice cleaning services you gain the peace of mind that your safe haven, your house is lice free.

Discreet Services

Even though stigma associated with head lice is completely unnecessary, it still exists. This is why some families would rather have discreet and confidential house inspection services. The expert staff and technicians at Lice Troopers arrive at your location in unmarked cars.

Complete Lice Removal Services

From vacuuming carpets to inspecting furniture and rugs, the crew does it all in a short amount of time. Our full range of head lice parasite removal tasks also include stripping beds, mattresses, and pillows to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned. To save you the effort, all infested household items that need to be discarded will be removed by our crew.

Lice Doctors in Miami

Lice Troopers is a renowned lice removal clinic based in Florida. Our center has gained considerable recognition for its 100% non-chemical based lice removal services as along with complete home inspection and cleaning services. This makes our natural lice elimination treatments safe for children and adults alike. Our house inspection and cleaning services are typically completed within two hours. The cleaning crew is dispatched for same-day appointments, weekend hours, and extended evening hours (flexible). We offer 100% guarantee on our home inspection and cleaning services or your money back. If you’re in or around Coral Gables, get in touch with one of our lice specialist Coral Gables today!