Dealing with Déjà vu: What to do When Head Lice Return

Recently, I noticed a speck of white-colored patches on my son’s scalp. I immediately went to Wal-Mart to buy myself an anti-dandruff shampoo and thought to myself, “Problem solved!” Unfortunately, a week later, I received a note from my son’s school, claiming that my child had a lice infestation problem and until he was cleared, he would need to stay at home. Upon inspection, I found little critters crawling away, blissfully, in the locks of my child’s hair, unapologetic about the embarrassment I had to face. Last year, we had this problem with Tyler—my son—coming home from school, complaining of his scalp being itchy. There were nits and mini Draculas roaming round in his hair and like a pro-mom, I took the shortcut and shaved off his hair. That worked for a year, with regular checkups and haircuts preventing the little critters from returning. Unfortunately, that did not last long, and a month ago, the note from his school confirmed one thing: never trust products found in department stores. This also goes for DIY remedies online. I spent an entire week, struggling with DIY remedies that have no effect whatsoever. I’ve tried lice shampoos and products, with no luck. In four days, I probably tried 5 different ‘methods’ of lice removal and failed so miserably, I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records! Since he’s now in middle school, shaving his head is no longer an option. I’ve learned my lesson that it’s a temporary solution. It’s like a new breed of lice are attacking us. With global warming comes a global warning. I tried every trick in the box and couldn’t wrap my head around it. I’d sit there and clean his hair for several hours. But the mini vampires would be back the next day!
  • Taking the Naturally Approach…Naturally

I never thought I would be able to slide my fingers across my son’s hair without encountering  these little villains du jour. A friend of mine was in town for business and I had met her for coffee. I mentioned my problem to her and she suggested that I call Lice Troopers, they provide lice treatment services Hollywood FL. At first I thought, “Why should I do that? I couldn’t get rid of the problem, how can a fancy clinic do it?” But of course, desperate times desperate measurements. And I’m glad I listened because not only were they professional, insightful and solved the problem, they also gave me tips to prevent the problem from occurring! And so, I pass on the wisdom. You can call 754-206-6290 if you’re facing a similar issue!