What’s Buggin’ You? Situations We’ve All Faced Thanks to Head Lice

Remember that girl in 5th grade that made fun of you for having head lice? You probably dream about meeting her at the school reunion, hoping to open your hair, with your clean scalp on display. But that seems like a far-fetched dream, especially when you’re struggling with the reoccurring nightmare every year! Head lice aren’t known for being harmful but they do cause a lot of damage to our social life! Anyone and everyone who has ever had to deal with these pesky critters knows just how awful it is to have to deal with them. Every embarrassing and awkward situation still haunts you to this very day. With that in mind, here are a few situations we’ve all faced, thanks to head lice:

“You Can’t Play With Us”

You were the talk of the school. The one person (pretty sure they’re more) with head lice. Your friends wanted to help but they didn’t want t catch head lice. So, you couldn’t play with them until the school and their parents were sure you didn’t have head lice anymore!

“This is to Notify You that Your Child Has Lice”

That dreaded letter from the school nurse that drove your mother crazy! She’d run after you with a lice comb and make you sit in one place for hours, combing away, while there were tears welling up your eyes and your feet going numb! On the bright side, you didn’t have to attend school and could watch all your favorite cartoons. It did mean that you still had to do homework, though!

One Hairstyle for the Entire Year

If you managed to hide the truth from the school for an entire year, that was an achievement! But the worst part was having to rock only one hairstyle and that’s how you got your middle school nickname! There were limited number of hairstyles you could try and you always had to make up an excuse as to why your friends couldn’t brush your hair.

No More Sleepovers

You had to skip sleepovers until you got the problem sorted. This was sad and unfortunate because eventually, your friends ended up not inviting you anymore. Well, the good news is that you no longer have to deal with the pesky critters! Using pesticide free treatments, Lice Troopers offers effective and efficient solutions to victims of lice in Florida. From in-home treatments to home inspection services, they ensure that no critter is left behind. Visit their Hollywood treatment center or call at 800-403-5423 for more information about bookings and appointments.