How To Choose The Best Professional Lice Removal Service In New York

Gone are the days when you had to sit with your child and comb away, for hours. Removing head lice today has become as easy as visiting a professional lice salon in New York or calling in the experts at home. Still, there’re a few considerations to be factored in when choosing the best lice removal service for your family.

Should The Service Be Salon Based Or Mobile?

This is important to consider. While some may be legitimate, many mobile operations that don’t have an accompanying salon location are also fly by night operations. This means a mobile lice removal service may not provide guarantee or even follow up when it comes to lice removal. On the other hand, a service that has a location doesn’t necessarily have to be the best or good at what they do. The only sure advantage salon-based operations have over mobile is the semblance of permanence and investment in this business.

How Much Experience Does The Company Have?

One thing that people don’t think of when they utilize the services of a lice removal company is the experience of the technician or lice doctor actually providing the service. Often enough, an enterprise may be in the business for years, but the technicians inspecting your hair for lice are still relatively new. You must make sure that the attending lice doctor and technicians have sufficient training and hands-on experience.

What Are The Treatments, Products and Devices Used?

You trust the company to offer you a service that will provide a good result. And you have the right to know what products are used for lice removal. Are there harmful chemicals involved in the procedure? Are the devices clinically proven? Is there any research to backup the claims? There arehead lice removal services in New York that offer pesticide free methods of lice removal. Here too, you should ask the same questions.

Does The Service Charge Any Hidden Fee?

A company that doesn’t show their service’s price structure on the website is an immediate red flag. If they do have the price structure listed, consider the following questions:
  • Does the service charge by the head, or by the hour?
  • Do they charge a travel fee? (in the case of a mobile or at-home service)
  • Does the company charge extra for their products?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Is the company a part of the Better Business Bureau?
Find out the answers to these questions before selecting any head lice removal treatment or service in New York. Remember, head lice are a cause of embarrassment and mortification. They can also lead to school authorities suspending your child from attending classes until they are free from the infestation. This makes it even more important to choose the best head lice service in New YorkVisit Lice Trooper’s website and see how our services compare to the competition.