You thought you did everything right when your child got lice. You tried to catch the problem early, you ran to the drugstore to get the treatment, or you tried the home remedy everyone said was guaranteed to work. You applied, you combed, you inspected, you cleaned the house from top to bottom and you hoped for the best.


And it seemed, at first, that the little buggers were finally gone. And you breathed a sigh of relief. But then, a few days later, you noticed your child itching again. Uh oh. You took a closer look and sure enough, the bugs were back. How did it happen?


The truth is, the bugs never left. Although the treatment you performed may have seemed effective at first, and may have seemed to kill off a lot of the bugs, it was less effective than you thought. So why do lice come back? Here are some of the reasons, as well as tips on how to avoid a repeat infestation.


Chemicals just don’t work. We want to believe that if a doctor recommends it and we get it in a drugstore, it has to work. Sorry, this isn’t always the case. Though these chemical treatments are indeed harsh, they are not able to eradicate the head louse parasite, which has evolved a high level of resistance. The chemicals may eliminate a portion of the bugs and their nits, but even one left behind can launch a new infestation; “a portion” and even “most,” is not enough.


Combing isn’t as easy as it seems. Parents may try to remove the bugs and nits manually with a special nit removal comb, but the combs are often cheap and flimsy and many parents are not up to the task of meticulously combing through their children’s hair, especially if it’s long, thick and textured. Again, lice don’t go away on their own, so every last one must be removed. This is a job for professionals.


Passing among family members. Just when you think you have the problem contained, another child starts scratching. Within a household, the condition passes back and forth easily, and kids manifest the symptoms differently. If one child has it, don’t wait for the others to start scratching their heads. All kids should be checked and treated simultaneously.


Lurking in the home. The head louse can live on clothing, coats, bed sheets, carpets, furniture, hairbrushes and accessories and stuffed animals. All items that have come into contact with the head/hair of the affected individual must be washed, treated or isolated.


What’s the solution? Is your family destined for endless cycles of this annoying parasite? The good news is, when you treat the problem properly the first time, you avoid repeat occurrences of this pesky pest. That means going with a treatment that is guaranteed after just one appointment. That means Lice Troopers. When the bugs and their nits are completely eradicated and your treatment is 100% guaranteed effective, you avoid repeat infestations and the endless cycle of infestation. Get lice free today.


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