Getting the Right Game Plan – How to Stay Ahead of a Lice Outbreak

You got a lucky break by getting wind of a lice outbreak before it reached your child’s class! Right now, you’ve still got time. You can still take measures to ensure that your child’s hair stays protected and lice-free. Only problem is; you don’t know exactly what you should do. Don’t worry! Your friendly neighborhood lice doctor has got you covered!

Preventative Measures to take for a Lice Outbreak

Keep an Eye on their Noggin

The greater target areas where lice may infest are at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. So along with their whole head, keep a close eye on those areas as well. If they get lice, they’ll most likely start scratching their heads.

Teach Your Child about Lice

teach your child about liceFirstly, clear away any misconceptions. Lice do not spread from dirty hair, lice do not jump or crawl or fly, neither are they icky! They’re just an inconvenience, which is why they have to prevent them. Educate your child about lice and explain what they must do so they don’t catch lice. Teach them to:
  • Not share their combs or brushes
  • Not sit too close to someone
  • Not share hats, hoodies, stuffed animals, pillows, towels etc
  • To come to you if they do feel they have an itchy scalp

Make them Sit up Straight

While they may want to lean back and relax on those comfy couches in the library, they may need to avoid doing so. Lice or nits can live for about 2 days in rugs and furniture. If your child ends up leaning against one of those infested furniture, a lice could easily crawl up their scalp.

Do their Laundry Right Away

If someone in their class has lice, chances are that their clothing could have come in contact with them. And through that, their clothes might have caught a louse or two. Instead of letting their outfit sit on the floor until night, toss it in the wash at a high temperature. Lice cannot live if they’re exposed to higher temperatures i.e. 128.3°F for more than 5 minutes. Wash all their clothes (that they’ve worn) as well as jackets, hats, gloves and scarves. Then dry those clothes on high heat.

Is it too late? Contact us and set an appointment!

If you suspect that it’s already too late though, set an appointment at our lice treatment salon in Weston and let a professional have a look at your kid’s scalp! If they do have lice, chances are they’ll have a minor infestation, which will likely only be treated once. After that, your child will continue to live their untroubled, lice-free life!