Buying Over-the-Counter Head Lice Removal Products? Think Again

When your child experiences a head lice infestation, it’s natural for you Buying Over-the-Counter Head Lice Removal Productsto go into panic mode. Between worrying about the social embarrassment and impending school notice, switching to a quick over-the-counter lice solution seems the only way out. That’s probably the biggest mistake we make. Rushing to the drugstore and buying lice removal products off the shelf is problematic. The problems are as follows:

OTC Products Don’t Work

The first and apparently the biggest problem with OTC products is that they don’t work – not anymore. Particularly in the U.S., studies have shown that chemical products are increasingly becoming ineffective at eliminating lice and nits. The lice are strengthening by means of genetic mutation – the latest term to describe them is “super lice,” and are showing resistance to harsh chemicals present in these products. All the shampoos and OTC lice treatment products containingPermethrin have failed to show results. This hasn’t happened overnight. Experts say that this buildup of resistance has been going on for two decades now. And now, latest research predicts that nearly 100% of head lice in the U.S. and across the world have become resistant to these products.

OTC Products Are Not Safe

Second, using OTC head lice removal products isn’t safe – it has never been safe. Permethrin, a common ingredient in chemical products is basically a neurotoxin that eliminates head lice by attacking its nervous system. Even though regulatory authorities have declared OTC lice products to be safe (when used in the prescribed manner), unfortunately they are overused all around the world. Further studies state that Permethrin, whencombined with other harsh chemicals,can lead to seizures and behavioral disorders in severe cases.

Otc Pducts Don’t Kill NitsOTC Products Don’t Kill Nits

Third, OTC products are completely ineffective at killing nits. Most people do not realize that nits are an important part of head lice removal; also the toughest to get rid of. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pyrethrins (class of Pyrethroids) are only capable of killing lice that are alive, not nits. The eggs are attached to the hair shaft with a glue-like substance. This means that nits cannot be removed by OTC shampoos or lotions, but only via manual means (lice combing). And if nits aren’t removed, you will have another head lice infestation on your hands in no time. According to lice experts, manual head lice removal using a lice comb remains the only effective means of eliminating head lice completely – especially when done by a professional lice removal service. Lice Troopers is a lice treatment center that tackles the bugs and nits with natural solutions. We guarantee 100% removal of lice and nits in just one session. Read through some of the success stories of our clients, or simply call us at 305-676-6545 today.