Head Lice and The Elderly – Managing Lice for Senior Parents

When it comes to lice, age really is just a number. Head lice don’t care whether you’re 5 or 50, they’ll camp out on your head anyway! It’s true that head lice infestations mostly occur in children and teens, but adults and even the elderly can contract them too. Lice spare no hair! Seniors may have thinning hair, but it doesn’t stop lice from latching on to it. All they need is 1/4 inch of hair and they’re good to go. Since lice are more common in kids, people aren’t expecting their elderly parents to get them. So lice infestations tend to go unnoticed in the elderly until the case becomes quite severe.

How Can the Elderly Contract Lice?

Just like anyone else! Lice can easily spread from head to head and can cause a whole outbreak among people living in close proximity, such as seniors residing in retirement and nursing homes. All it takes for an outbreak is a visit from infested grandchildren. Once the lice are in the facility and have successfully started infesting one person’s head, they can quickly spread to everyone else. Head lice can be especially agonizing for seniors who already have other health problems to deal with. The scratching and itching can get really frustrating and if done continuously, can even result in wounds. This is why it’s so important to keep a lookout for any signs of a lice infestation.

The Symptoms of a Lice Infestation

head lice removalThe symptoms of lice are many, but some of the few which immediately point towards an infestation are:
  • An irritated scalp that’s constantly itching, especially at nighttime.
  • A tickling or moving sensation on the scalp when the lice are crawling.
  • Tiny sores, bumps, and red rashes on the scalp and neck.
  • White, tiny lice eggs covering hair strands.
  • Visible lice gliding through the hair.

Treatment of Lice

As soon as you detect a head lice infestation in a senior person, it’s important to start treatment right away. Lice and nits can be removed manually from the hair with nit combs. It’s better than using OTC treatments that have dangerous chemicals in them that could potentially harm their sensitive skin. It is also advised to isolate and wash any soft goods such as clothing, bedding, scarves, caps, etc. to completely eradicate all signs of lice and nits. Think your elderly parent might have contracted lice? Call us straight away! Lice Troopers offers expert lice removal services such as in-home lice removal, camp & school screenings and at home inspection and cleaning in Kendall and Pinecrest. You can also book an appointment at our best lice treatment Kendall salon by calling at 1.800.403.5423.