Smartphones – The New Normal In Spread Of Head Lice

Millennial problems are an increasing part of the new generation, concerning everything from social interactions to healthcare. Sometimes, these problems overlap, such as the one where the use of smartphones is now blamed for spread of lice, especially amongst teens. The connection seems almost too ridiculous to be true, right? However, given the neck-bent, head-to-head contact that is common during shared use of phones, the idea of those creepy critters forming an alliance with smartphones is real enough. Studies have observed that over 60% of smartphone using children encounter head lice within 5 years of being hunched over their entertaining screens. Head lice are opportunistic and sneaky little crawlers, and when you gather around a smartphone with your peers to look at a particular interesting Facebook post or take a picture together, these parasites waste no time going from hair to hair. It feels necessary to mention here that the shared use of smartphone with a person with particular kind of hair does not matter. Contrary to the old wives’ tale, these critters do not care if the hair is dirty or clean, long or short. Neither can they fly or jump between heads. Given that the use of smartphones is a norm, you cannot avoid their shared use all the time – nor should you. Precaution and treatments are your companions in letting these creepy critters ruin the laughs you share with your friend over a hilarious video.

Vary of Contact

If you know a person has lice, you can inform them and request they get a lice treatment. No reason to isolate yourself if you yourself have lice; a scarf or a beanie that can do the job of putting up a wall in front of lice looking to take an adventure. If covering the head is unsuitable in hot weather, then tie it back in a bun or braid, and avoid head to head contact till the critters are removed.

On to Removal

A professional hand is more effective in vanquishing these conquering critters. People employ home remedies only to find out that the lice survived and re-multiplied. Lice treatment services will do a meticulous job of treating your head lice. Of course, it is best to stop the lice in their tracks by getting a lice screening as soon as you suspect someone around you has lice. If the spread has already progressed in your hair, no need to worry. Lice specialists make use of safe hair products and specialized combs to leech out every lice and nit, so that you can achieve hair-freedom in no time! If these pesky little critters have taken over your hair, opt for our services.Visit our lice treatment center Orlando, or call for in-home services. We also provide head lice removals for the communities of Winter Park.