“So I Got a Lice Call From The School Nurse Today” — Ways To Break The News

Women never forget three things that happen in their life – 1) when they are proposed, 2) when  they snatch their favorite designer bag on sale, and 3) when their kids come home from school bearing the lice note. Guess which the worst is… getting the dreaded lice note of course! Parents in Miami Beach and most parts of Florida should thank their lucky stars for the No-Nit Policy by which they are informed of their child’s infestation before it can get out of hand. Yet do you think your responsibility to the world is over once you begin treating your child’s head? No… an important job still waits!

Tell a Soul to Prevent another Infestation

The entire life cycle of the common head louse takes mere weeks to complete; still people catch this menace the quickest… even faster than the common cold! What does this mean? Placing all your efforts in head lice removal from your kid’s head will go to waste… hours of combing won’t do you any good. Your kid can always get head lice again from a friend or classmate! So, how should you break the news to other parents about your child’s infestation? Gently… as if you are addressing a timid kitten, ready to run the other way in case of a threat! Lice are no joke to parents with kids and a busy life. Rehearse what you are going to say before picking up the phone. Try to bring facts into the talk, mentioning preventative and remedial measures. Suggest Lice Trooper’s inspection and screening, an inexpensive service carried before lice removal treatment. The lice clinic offers locations in Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Coral Gables and other areas within Florida to residents seeking an easy lice removal solution.

What If You Are The Parent Hearing This Bad News?

There will be times when you’ll be informed of an outbreak at school or a possible lice case from your child’s best friend’s mother. Remember she is doing a great service by informing you of a possible head lice infestation. Stay calm and thank the caller before ending the call. Don’t lose your cool even when you check your daughter’s head just in case and see signs of a raging infestation. Give a call to Lice Troopers on 1.800.403.5423 and schedule an appointment or have them come over to your house for an at-home lice service Miami Beach.