Lice Alert! When Is it Time to Call in the Pros?

So you’ve got a head lice problem on your hands. From the first sign of a creepy crawly critter making its way around you to your child’s scalp, begins a battle against lice infestation.

Maybe It’s Time to Get Professionals Involved

You grab a lice removal shampoo from your local pharmacy, and the first frantic shampoo seems like a success. However, after giving it a day, you catch a louse back at work in your scalp. You turn to your mother’s favorite home remedies, perhaps the one with the mayonnaise, but hopefully not the one that involves kerosene. When those don’t work either, that’s when it’s time to realize it—you’re going to need a professional. But what does a professional have to offer that you can’t do yourself?
  • Effective Treatment

At Lice Troopers, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide clients with a treatment that is reliably effective when it comes to lice removal. With a professional comes a certain level of expertise in the science of lice elimination. For this reason, a professional lice removal service is the way to go in order to completely remove head lice.
  • Natural Methods

Using chemicals on your hair is widely regarded as a bad idea, and a professional will certainly stay far away from such products. The use of organic creams and manual removal of lice by trained professionals is the ideal solution for your lice infestation problem.
  • Time-Savers

Letting the pros handle it also means that you save up on a whole lot of time—time that can then be spent tending to other important matters. Attempts to remove lice at home result in a vicious cycle of re-infestations, eating up your precious time.
  • Cost-Effective

A lice removal clinic can also be quite the cost-effective option, as we don’t charge you a hand and a foot to get rid of head lice. Think of all the money you’ll save on ineffective lice removal shampoos!
  • No Nits Get Left Behind

Experts are also more likely to make sure that there is no chance of a missed nit, thereby preventing chances of the infestation taking back control in a matter of days. Lice Troopers even offers home inspection and cleaning services to make sure your living space is lice-free! Lice Troopers has operational lice treatment center Weston, Plantation, Kendall, and various other regions of Florida State. We also offer the convenient option of in-home treatment to those clients who are unable to make it to our clinic. All you need to do is call the center nearest to you, and book an appointment with our experts!