5 Tips To Stay Lice-Free In College

Starting college is an exciting time in a young adult’s life. It’s a great time to make new friends and gain new experiences and lessons. That being said, college life comes with its share of stresses, from exam preps to class registrations. On top of this, if a person has head lice, their woes are likely to increase. If you have a child heading off to college soon, they need to make sure they are free from lice.

Lice 101

For those new to head lice, lice are basically tiny, wingless insects. Contrary to popular opinion, lice do not fly from one head to another. Instead, they crawl along hair strands and spread among people via direct head-to-head contact. What makes lice difficult to deal with is that they love all types of hair. There’s no specific type of hair that they live in. From straight to curly and wavy, lice are attracted to all hair types and textures. Also, if you believed that lice like dirty hair, then you’re wrong. Lice don’t care about your personal hygiene. They can live in both clean and dirty hair.

How to protect your hair from lice

To make sure your child doesn’t get an infestation, they must follow these steps:

Avoid sharing hair items with others

This includes caps, hats, towels, scarves, pillows, headphones, and more. Basically, anything that comes in contact with your head. Lice are transferred by sharing hair items and accessories. Keep your clothes, brushes, combs, and hair accessories separate from your friends.

Avoid head-to-head contact

Lice spread among people through direct head-to-head contact. Try to avoid direct head contact with your roommate and friends. Selfies are a big no.

Disinfect your personal belongings

This includes scarves, pillow cases, bed linens, hats, coats, sweaters and so on. Use hot water to disinfect them. If you’re using a machine, set the temperature at 130° F. Dry the items in a dryer on a high heat setting.

Be careful at the gym

Keep your stuff in a separate locker. Also, do not share your towel with anyone.

Don’t panic

Head lice infestations are common and treatable. It’s something natural. Do be ashamed about having lice. More importantly, they don’t pose danger to your health Contact a professional lice removal company, such as Lice Troopers in Miami Beach, to get rid of the parasites once and for all! We use natural, chemical-free lice removal treatments only.