Did your Kids Catch Lice in Summer Camp? Bring them to Lice Troopers’ Lice Treatment Centers

Summer is upon us and the excitement is brewing. Children and parents alike look forward to this time of year for some valuable time off that they work all year for. One common thing that may slip a parent’s mind is the possibility of your kids bringing home some little friends along with them. Children tend to contract lice and nits over the summer at their summer camps. Though head lice don’t pose a health threat, they are uncomfortable and embarrassing to have.  Around 6-12 million children get head lice per year in the age bracket of 3 to 11 years.

So how exactly did my little one get lice?

The most common way to get infested is via head-to-head contact. So usual suspects would be another child in school, during play time or a summer camp where they all live and sleep together. Sharing clothes (this includes bedding) can also lead to the transfer of the parasite. Though this is highly unlikely, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Some of the symptoms

  • Itchy scalp– intense itching of the scalp is the most commonly noticed symptoms. In the early stages, we tend to ignore the itchy scalp; it can take up to 6 weeks to feel the full-blown effect of lice.
  • Tingling sensation– you may physically feel the presence of the bug on your scalp and may be able to sense its movement.
  • Appearance of eggs- while combing through your child’s hair you may notice some white residue. Uncommon since children are less likely to be using products! More often than not, those tend to be lice eggs.

How can you fight off the lice infestation?

Well lucky for you, Lice Troopers can help you take care of your kiddo’s lice problem! We provide a number of service options so that you can choose the one that best suits you. There’s an in-house head lice treatment. The products used are pesticide free so you don’t need to worry about any damage caused to your child’s hair in the process. Call 800-403-5423 today for an appointment! For whatever reason, you may find it more convenient to call a professional from the lice salon over to your home for the treatment. We provide at-home lice treatment services in the Florida, New York, California and Georgia regions! If that wasn’t enough, we also do home inspections for the bug and cleanse your home of it.