Ways To Prevent Hair Lice In The Classroom

Summer’s over and the school season is in full swing! Unfortunately, this also means that the threat of hair lice has returned and is there to haunt you in the classroom. Almost 6 to 12 million children in the age bracket of 3–12 years get head lice each year, and this can cause further lice infestations at schools and homes. Don’t worry, though! With these preventative measures, you can ensure that your classroom stays lice-free and prevent an outbreak at school!

Check for Scratchy Scalps

A teacher can play a huge role in detecting hair life infestation in the classroom. Since the parasites are found exclusively on the scalp and around the ears, detecting hair lice can be easier for teachers if they notice any of the students scratching their heads frequently. By keeping an eye out for this occurrence in the classroom, it can be easier to determine whether somebody may have hair lice and precautionary actions can be taken immediately to prevent an infestation. Teachers should also inform the child’s parents and encourage them to seek treatment for their child’s hair lice.

Avoid Head-To-Head Contact

Since hair lice do not fly or jump, they can only be transferred from one head to another by crawling their way there. Thus, it is imperative that any head-to-head contact between the kids be avoided if any of the students seem to have hair lice to prevent a lice outbreak in the classroom. Monitor the children’s activities during recess and on the playground to avoid the chances of infestation.

Keep the Kids’ Hair Out Of Reach

Additionally, encourage the policy of having kids tie up their hair in a tight ponytail or bun. Hair hanging loose can create a pathway for lice to move from one head to another, and you want to prevent this at all costs. It is also a good idea to allow students with short hair to wear hats inside the classroom so that their hair is also out of reach.

Separate Their Belongings

While the practice of sharing belongings is generally encouraged in the classroom, certain items should not be mixed. This is especially crucial if one or more kids show signs of hair lice and measures must be taken to separate belongings in these situations. One way to do this is to have separate cubbies for each child to store their scarves, hats, hair ties, and other headgear that may come in contact with their hair. If the school does not have enough lockers, then another preventative action that may be taken is using large laundry bags or zipper seal bags to secure each child’s belongings separately. The storage and sealing capacity of these bags allow for all items ranging from backpacks to coats to be safely placed inside without the threat of hair lice entering or escaping. Have our lice removal service in Weston assist you in keeping your classroom lice-free with our school screening service. Get in touch with us now for complete lice removal and effective treatment planning!