All That You Need To Know About Super Lice

As far as lice removal goes, parents just visit their local drug store and Lice Comb And Hair With Nits On White Backgroundpurchase the best brand of commercial lice removal shampoo and douse their child in the contents. While it might seem like an easy thing to do, following this method isn’t without its harmful effects. Not only are chemicals present in the solutions detrimental to your child’s health, but lice are growing immune to these treatments. Dubbed as “super lice,” it was discovered in a study by researchers at the Southern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville that lice in nearly 25 states are showing resistance to treatments that contain the chemical,pyrethroids (which is the most commonly used in OTC shampoos and lotions). This leads parents to a conundrum: use stronger concentrations of harmful chemicals on their children’s heads or remove the mutated lice by hand.

Lice Prevention Should Be Added to Every Parent’s Back-to-School “To-Do List”

If you haven’t already thought of lice prevention, it’s time to think now. You’ll find that lice, even mutated strains of the little critters, can easily be prevented. All you need is a good, finely bristled louse comb, a magnifying glass and lots of patience. Before you can prevent lice in you and your family however, learning about this super strain will be helpful. Following are some facts about super lice, as well as effective ways to kill them. Fact #1: 99% of head lice have developed this genetic mutation which allows them to resist OTC lice shampoos and prescription chemical treatments. While such treatments can kill live lice, you’ll need a large and strong dose of the chemical, and even then it isn’t guaranteed. Fact #2:Commercially produced lice shampoos like Nix and Rid are less effective against not only super lice, but nits as well. The shampoos aren’t ovicidal, meaning they don’t kill lice eggs. Fact #3: A head louse can live for about 21 or 30 days. Lice are able to give five eggs in a day, which means even if a single egg or louse is missed; chances of another outbreak arehigh. Head lice won’t go for months! Fact #4: Use of chemicals and OTC lice removal shampoos isn’t recommended by lice doctors and salons in Miami. Effective and complete removal of head lice involves manually combing through hair and killing all lice and their nits. Fact #5:The simple fact of the matter is: anyone can get a bad case of head lice. It doesn’t matter if you follow a strict hygienic schedule and keep your hair clean—head lice actually prefer clean hair! This doesn’t mean you should start foregoing showers. But if you do get lice, get the professional help you need.Lice Troopers offers the most effective and non-toxic treatment for lice removal. For more information on our lice removal and prevention services, contact us today.