Beyond the Basics: Patient Education for Head Lice

Did you wake up with an itchy scalp even though you didn’t use your sister’s lice-infested bedsheets? These pesky creatures can be tricky to avoid and even trickier to get rid of! Take a look at some of these effective, top-of-the-line preventive measures to keep the lice at bay without any hassle.

Avoid sharing items that are worn on the head

Lice can get dislodged from hair follicles and grab onto certain items like hats, caps, headscarves, hairbrushes, hair clips, towels, and headsets. This gives them up to 24 hours to find another host. So, unless you want to welcome lice to your scalp, the best way to stay away from an infestation is to stop sharing head-worn items with someone who already has a lice infestation.

Minimize head-to-head contact

Head-to-head contact is one of the most common ways through which you can contract lice. One day, you placed your head on a friend’s shoulder in the bus and the next thing you know, you have an itchy scalp and red bumps all over your neck. Develop a habit to avoid placing your head closer to others. You can also avoid playing games that require head-to-head contact, such as Twister. Additionally, you can keep your hair tied up in a bun or ponytail.

Don’t share personal belongings

While head lice may not have the ability to hold onto the fibers on clothes, they still can maneuver through the fabric with their claws. Keeping this in mind, you should avoid sharing personal belongings such as scarves, clothes and hair accessories with someone who has a head lice infestation. Even hanging your coat on the same hook as an infected coat can lead to a lice outbreak.

Avoid comfy couches and chairs in public spaces

Whether you visit the library, the doctor’s office or a movie theater, there’s a possibility that the person seated on the sofa before you had lice. You can easily contract lice by sitting and leaning on the same surface as an infected person, especially if the lice fell off their scalp less than 24 hours ago. clean your clothes head lice infestation

Clean your clothes

Itchy scalps are not the best indicators of a lice outbreak, since itchiness can sometimes begin when the infestation is well underway. To get ahead of it, frequently look for signs of lice on your clothes. If you spot a fat louse crawling on a shirt, subjecting it to higher or lower temperatures can kill it. You can wash your clothes in hot water at a temperature of 130, or you can toss them in a plastic bag and freeze them for three days to kill the lice.

Go for routine checks

Find a professional lice removal service nearest to you and go for routine lice screenings and head checks. This will enable you to get ahead of an infestation easily. If you’re looking for a lice removal clinic, get in touch with Lice Troopers. We offer the best lice removal services with our in-salon non-toxic treatments and in-house cleaning services. Contact us today at 800-403-5423.