Head Lice Just Became More Resistant Than Ever!

Thanks to evolution, our mind can come up with new solutions to fight insects. One of the more annoying insects, head lice, has been the bane of our existence. And thanks to evolution, lice are now more resistant to most traditional treatments than they have ever been at any point in history. With kids going back to school in a few weeks, we understand your fear. Your children are in close proximity to other kids. This means head-to-head contact, making it more likely for your child to contract nits and lice.   The right treatment is essential. Here we review which treatments no longer work against “super lice.”

Pyrethroids-based anti-lice treatments

Most effective anti-lice products have pyrethrins and pyrethroids as the active ingredients – the chemicals that work to kill lice. However, super lice have acquired gene mutations, which now make them resistant to this chemical. This trend was seen starting in 2007, and has only increased with time. Now most lice are hardly treatable with these popular products. Plus, this superpower isn’t restricted to pyrethrin-based treatments alone. They’re now resistant to almost all over-the-counter anti-lice solutions.

Natural treatments

Home treatments and remedies aimed at killing lice don’t work for the same reason. Lice have evolved and their chemistry has changed. This means that the most specific and effective solutions targeting this chemistry wouldn’t work. While these treatments are no longer effective, people still want to get rid of lice. Obviously. Hence, they use lotions and shampoos in hope that they would at least weaken them if not completely eradicate the lice. However, these ineffective treatments often leave your skin dry and your hair brittle and may even compromise your health. Using them can be a risk without any guarantee of getting rid of lice. So what can you do instead? Combing!


Combing still works and always will. This is mainly because it works on the physical removal of lice instead attempting to kill them off by chemical means. For best results, hair should be coated in a substance such as conditioner that will help the comb to slip through the hair and catch the lice and nits. But if this solution was so effective, why were chemical treatments introduced in the first instance? Because meticulous combing takes a lot of time. No parent wants to spend their days and nights getting lice out of their kids’ hair. So what option do you have? Miami Beach lice removal services of course! Our lice and nitpickers are trained to spot each every last one of these critters and free your child from their tangles. And they do it in about an hour saving you time and energy. Call our Miami Beach lice clinic today!