Why Do My Lice Keep Coming Back? Answering Your Questions about Lice

That telltale itch in your hair behind your ear is back. You know it’s that pesky lice again and you can’t help but feel frustrated. You’ve tried all those over-the-counter treatments under the sun (chemical based, toxic; sound familiar?). So what can you do to get yourself rid of these persistent lice? Here’s what the experts at Lice Troopers want you to know!

Learning about Recurrent Lice Infestations

Typically, there are two reasons why lice keep coming back.

The Treatment Didn’t Work

Truth is; you can’t really blame those treatments for not working anymore. According to Scientific American, overexposure to pesticides has taught lice to be more resistant to the poison, making it harder to kill them. And since these chemical treatments are harmless to lice now and actually harmful to human health, there isn’t much that can be done.

Someone Exposed Lice Back to You

If you live with people, chances are one of them might have infected you with lice again. You can get rid of lice by your lonesome, but unless everyone else is also free of lice, you will have your fair share of trouble. Here are some tips that can help you control your environment:
  • Avoid hair-to-hair contact. Avoid taking selfies, going to events like sleepovers or hugging (at least for the time-being)
  • Don’t share any items that come in contact with your head such as scarves, hoodies, hats or other clothing.
  • Don’t share your towel.
  • Don’t share your comb or hairbrush.
  • Wash your pillows and clothes that you wore while you have the lice infestation.

Further Precaution:

The best way to clear your house of any potential lice is hiring a lice removal service for a complete home inspection and cleaning. In this process, the beddings are stripped and the mattress and pillows are thoroughly washed and cleaned. Any items that should be thrown away are shown to you first before being discarded. Technicians also use specific removal equipment to rid your furniture, rugs and carpets of any lice.

What Next?

Get yourself to a head lice removal salon straightaway and get an pesticide free treatment. Developed to target lice and effectively remove them, these treatments have no side effects so there’s no worry about any adverse allergic reactions either. As one of the leading lice clinics in Hollywood, Lice Troopers offers effective lice removal services. Contact our Hollywood salon by calling 754-206-6290 and book an appointment with an expert!