What to Know Before You Go to a Lice Clinic

That telltale itch is back and you know what that means. Lice season is upon us (when is it not!) and you must be prepared. You’ve got the number for your nearby lice clinic in your phone, but something stopping you. You’re wondering, is it worth it? Can’t I just use the home remedies I saw on TV? And what if it’s too expensive? Before you convince yourself that it’s better to forego a visit to the lice clinic, here are some things we want you to know!

Why Going to a Lice Clinic is a Better Choice

Over-the-Counter Treatments Don’t Work

Cheap they may be, but they’re not effective. According to various studies, lice have become more resistant to lice treatments. So even if you use any stronger products, you’ll more likely end up having an allergic reaction, or worse, a burn from the active ingredients.

Home Remedies aren’t Useful Either

There’s a difference between pesticide free anti-lice treatments, and home remedies that involve using natural products. You might come across many hacks online that tell you to use Listerine, mayonnaise, rubbing alcohol and even gasoline (!). But they are not effective and can be unsafe for use.

Lice Clinics are not Expensive

This is a misconception. Lice treatments are in fact, very affordable mainly because the ingredients aren’t so pricey to begin with. Also, since many parents and children need this treatment throughout the year, clinics don’t mark their prices too high. This way, everyone has access to their services.

Lice can spread fast

Lice Clinics Can HelpIt doesn’t take too long for lice to spread, in schools or in households. Rather than depending on ineffective lice treatments, it’s much better to go to a lice clinic so this problem can be handled at the right time.

How Lice Clinics Can Help!

Life does not come to a standstill just because you have lice. With so much to do, you cannot take time out of your busy schedule to practice home remedies to get rid of lice. The best solution is to go to a lice clinic so they can remove those pesky critters from your hair, once and for all. Lice Troopers in Carol Gables, Miami is just one of the branches of lice removal salons in Florida. We offer pesticide free head lice treatment Coral Gables. Come to our clinic with all your lice problems!