DIY No More—Call Lice Troopers to Your Doorstep!

The age old dilemma of head lice is one that is universal. Whichever continent you reside in, whatever your socioeconomic background, no one is entirely safe from lice infestations. For this reason, the struggle to get rid of head lice is also a process that we have in common with people living on the other side of the world. Whether it’s lice shampoos or home remedies, the constant battle against lice during an infestation is one most of us are familiar with.

Let’s Face It—DIYs Don’t Work

A lot of techniques that are used for lice removal revolve around the tradition of Do-It-Yourself home remedies. These involve a number of different methods, including the use of mayonnaise, oil, or Vaseline to smother the parasites. However, this results in merely a waste of mayonnaise/oil/petroleum jelly, as well as time, as DIYs are inevitably ineffective. While you may notice a lack of activity initially, these treatments do not succeed in eliminating all traces of lice and nits, which leads to being back to square one within a matter of days.

Why You Need Lice Troopers

At Lice Troopers, we provide a reliable alternative to unsuccessful DIY remedies. A lot of people turn to DIY treatments due to the fact that they’re looking for an organic solution to their problem, unlike the chemical usage of lice removal shampoos. Rest assured, Lice Troopers makes use of pesticide free methods to treat lice infestations, using only organic creams on hair and removing lice manually with the use of a special comb.

Get Treated at Home!

The thing about DIY lice treatments is that they’re convenient. You have the materials available at home, and can attempt to take care of the problem without taking a step outside. However, the fact that they’re ineffective should be enough to discourage you from making use of such treatments. Luckily, our professional lice removal service offers the option of in-home treatments. That means you can get your lice infestation taken care of by professionals at home, and have it be a complete success too. You’ll save up on precious time, and be completely lice-free by the end of it! Our lice treatment center Plantation, Weston, Orlando, Kendall, and other Floridian regions guarantee effective removal of lice, and that too at completely affordable rates. In need of an in-home treatment? Contact your nearest Lice Troopers location and we’ll be right there at your doorstep in no time!