3 Ways to Get Over Post-Lice Nightmares

The biggest nightmare parents have doesn’t involve the coffee pot being empty in the morning (although this is a close one) but a horrible case of lice infestation. L.I.C.E – the only 4 letter word that strikes dread and fear to parent’s hearts! Lice are pesky little bugs that make us want to scream bad expletives at the mere thought of the kids coming home with a hair full of these critters! Just imagine the fear your children go through when attacked by lice?

Social Stigma Attached to Head Lice

2018 is just around the corner. Have we stopped making a big deal out of head lice? Nope… not even close. Even today there is still a lot of social stigma attached to just the thought of head lice… You constantly dread the day your kids come home from school or camp with head lice. This fear and terror is transferred to kids, who are also fearful of the idea of getting lice and feel ashamed when they do get an infestation!

Your Daughter Just Got Over Lice – What Now

Getting rid of a lice infestation isn’t the most difficult part, provided you tackle the issue in the early stages. The nightmare of lice remains for a long time, as well as the taunts and bullying she must have received from peers and other grownups. It’s important to take care of this! Here’s how: Talk to Her – The first thing to do after treating head lice infestation is to talk about the experience with your daughter or son. Head lice aren’t and shouldn’t be considered a taboo topic – you can discuss it openly or as per comfort levels. Remember to let her know she isn’t the only one to get lice! Share Your Story – Indeed sharing is caring. Show that you care and understand by sharing your stories about lice and how your parents dealt with the issue. Tell her of your experience as well as how it isn’t that much different than hers, somehow even better considering you opted for manual lice removal at a lice treatment center Key Biscayne. Conduct Regular Inspections – It makes no sense to conduct lice inspections only when itching and other symptoms arise. Conducting regular lice inspections will also ensure peace of mind for both you and your child. Fear, terror, and confusion are expected emotions from your daughter during a lice infestation. Be mindful of this fact and take them to Lice Troopers the minute you discover head lice is keeping them awake at night! Make an appointment today!