As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we raise our hats to the mothers out there who’ve walked through the head lice nightmare and lived to tell the tale. Most mothers have their own personal horror story of the bugs that would not go away, sleepless nights vacuuming furniture, fighting to get a lice comb through their girl’s thick, curly hair, and chronic re-infestation.


These traumatic experiences have even led some women to claim they’ve been “scarred for life.” And we get it. As professionals in the lice game for more than 25 years, we’ve seen these nightmares firsthand. In fact, it was the chronic reinfestation of her own children that led our founder to seek a safer and more effective solution to lice—one that would get rid of the bugs and nits once and for all, and restore some peace of mind to the home.


In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to salute the mothers who’ve braved head lice on their own, doing their best to protect their households and the rest of their kids’ classrooms from this pesky parasite. We’d also like to take the opportunity to offer a few tips.


As experts, here is our advice to you.


First, if your child has picked up an infestation, don’t blame yourself. Lice is a highly contagious condition that passes easily between kids who play in close proximity and often share personal belongings. Which is to say, lice don’t crop up because the house isn’t clean enough or the kids have poor hygiene. The embarrassment that moms often experience over a case of lice is completely unnecessary. In fact, lice prefer clean hair!


So your child has lice. No need to freak out. It doesn’t mean the creepy crawlies have automatically infested the entire house or that your own head will soon be crawling with them (though you’ll definitely imagine it). The next step is simple. Set up treatment.


Can’t you handle this on your own? Of course you can. You can spend a lot of hours, over several days, combing and inspecting and hoping that in the meantime, more lice haven’t infested the home. You can vacuum every cushion your child sits on and boil the combs and hairbrushes every night. You are, of course, up to this task. But at Lice Troopers, we see the craziness that a lot of parents go through as they try to eradicate lice from their homes. We wonder if it’s really worth the few dollars saved when you add up the hours, the anxiety and the ineffective products, the same one that also carry some pretty unpleasant side effects.


Do your family a favor, do yourself a favor. Let the professionals handle this one. In just one sitting (that you can schedule the very same day), your kids can be entirely lice free. The treatment is safe, pesticide free and guaranteed effective. It beats endless hours with the lice comb, doesn’t it?


No more stress, no more lice, total peace of mind. Happy Mother’s Day from Lice Troopers.


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