Protecting Your Kid from Lice Shaming

The call from school informing you that your kid has acquired lice can be the most embarrassing moment of a parent’s life. However, it’s more difficult on the kid and you need to understand that. The sesame seed-sized, six-legged creature can prove to be really disturbing for your kid’s wellbeing. With such persistent stigma attached to head lice, lice shaming has become quite common. For instance, lice are associated with dirty lifestyle, which obviously is not true. You kid, when infested with lice, has to face this and a lot more. Here are some ways you can help your kids deal better (psychologically) with head lice infestation:

Remove the Stigma

Lice have such a bad reputation that not even celebrities are excused for having them. The stigma associated with it can have devastating effects on your kid. Lice infestation can hit anybody, irrespective of their race, religion, demographics, or gender. What’s more, they are also not picky about hair type. Understanding this can be a crucial step for discarding the stigma.

Help them Know their Lice

Sometimes, parents might not want to talk about lice with their kids. This is surely not a good strategy when looking to help them get rid of lice shaming. Make sure that they know about lice. From why they thrive on human heads to their lifespan, educate your kid about lice. Knowing the enemy makes it less fearful.

Prepare them for School

This can be one of the toughest tasks. After the earlier embarrassment, your kid might get shunned or even bullied at school. It is very important that you prepare them for what lies ahead. There might be a lot of mocking and ridiculing, but your kid needs to stay strong. Teach your kids some tips to handle bullying. Role playing exercises might help. Also, you might want to take help from teachers.

Always be Encouraging

In this distressful time, your kid will need your utmost support. From saying words of encouragement to listening to them, make sure you are always there when the kid needs you. This will give them courage to be confident in difficult times.

Help them understand that it Could Have Happened to Anybody

Lice do not differentiate. Head-to-head contact is quite common at school. They could have infested on any kid in the whole classroom and your kid needs to understand this. The shame is considerably reduced when they realize it’s not their fault. With a team of lice experts, we at Lice Troopers provide professional lice removal service Pinecrest. We understand what kids go through when infested with lice and provide a safe and comfortable environment. Our lice removal clinic is professional and discreet and ensures complete lice removal. Book an appointment with us.