The Calm Before A Critter-y Storm

You will never see them coming. They will arrive, sneakily, one day when you least expect them. Unwelcome guests with ghostly steps which you will first dismiss as mere irritation. Only once they settle down and start a family will you realize that you have been playing the oblivious host.

Head lice have that clever ability of creeping up to one’s hair; small creatures, small steps… and huge impacts.

A Mastered Sneak-Attack

Ever wondered why by the time you realize you have lice did lice spread out so fast? It is essentially the wonder of science.

For starters, lice are quick on their multitude of feet, taking their pale yellow to brown selves from place to place in your scalp. Their size and speed contribute to the fact that even the sharpest of eyes miss their presence.

Then there is the itch/ itch-not debate. Where most people are prepared to scratch their scalp off with a few lice, others remain blissfully oblivious in an intense infestation.

The reason: not every person is allergic to louse saliva—deposited on your epidermal layer when the lice break through the skin to feed on blood. In scientific terms, a lice infestation can be asymptomatic; no symptoms will appear, despite the potential severity.

There’s a good chance that a lice epidemic can escape your notice, but if you have had a “crawling sensation” for quite a while, then the critters could be roaming your hair right in this instance.

In addition to the itching and a particular ghostly feeling in your hair, lice infestations also create some other symptoms:

  •  Red bumps on the skin over the upper neck
  •  The appearance of dandruff-like debris near the roots of hair
  •  Difficulty sleeping; lice are most energetic when you are at repose and your hair is still

Call For Action

A certain way to know that you have lice is through a comprehensive lice checkup. Instead of wasting hours running a cheap plastic comb through your locks, with aching arms cursing the lice with every stroke, it is more efficient to let a lice specialist indulge in the tediousness.

A lice specialist will take considerably less time to scan your hair, using a professional hair nit comb. If you do have lice, you can get an pesticide free lice removal done.

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