Killing Me Softly: Why Some Lice Victims Are Impervious to Their Condition

The common reaction to finding a louse crawling around in your hair is disgust, maybe fear, and an urgent need to be rid of them as soon as it’s physically possible. There is a frantic undertone to the way we tend to react to lice, a natural result of the disgust they inspire in most people. Essentially, they are the epitome of creepy-crawlies, and you’ve just found a few in your very own hair. Anyone would want to be as proactive as possible in an effort to be rid of them. However, as unfortunate as it is, that is not always the case.

Some People Just Don’t Give a Nit

There are some folks that aren’t too bothered about the lice situation going on, up in their heads. Sometimes, lice infestations can get to the point where they can be very visibly obvious. You are likely to spot a few nits or a louse crawling around in their hair. Naturally, it’s hard to ignore! There is a social stigma surrounding lice that is entirely unwarranted yes, but when it comes to ignoring that the lice are there in the first place, it becomes a matter of personal hygiene. Every person with lice has a responsibility to take the proper measures to ensure their removal, so as to not expose the infestation to others in their surroundings.

No Judgement, Just Understanding

The way to deal with someone like this is not to crucify them, but to try to reach an understanding. Humans are complex, multi-faceted creatures, and we cannot possibly know the full details of what is going on under the surface. A person suffering from a lice infestation, seemingly unconcerned about it, may have an underlying problem at hand. Something like mental illness, depression in particular, can make one entirely uninterested in mainting their personal hygiene. Similarly, there are a host of other reasons underlying the lice issue. If you want to encourage someone to get head lice treatment, then the course of action is best determined based on the kind of relationship you have with them. If it’s someone close to you, an open discussion could be a good idea. If it isn’t someone you know well, involving someone who does know them personally could be of great help.

Lice Troopers to the Rescue

People who seem to be uncaring about their lice infestation issues may be so due to limited resources to carry out treatment, or frequent past failed treatments. If that is indeed the case, suggest our services to them! Lice Troopers offers not only lice removal services in the clinic, but in-home head lice treatments too! Our lice clinics are present in number of different locations, including Coral Gables, Hollywood, and Orlando, Florida. Locate the nearest treatment center and give us a call to get lice free today.