Mom of A 9-Year-Old vs. Head Lice – Let The Fight Begin!

Just in the news: family of 6 kids suffering from a bad case of head lice! The eldest 3 are in critical stages of the infestation, while weary parents fighting to keep the plague at bay. Requests prayer and help! What would you choose if a game show host asked to make a choice between a) forever in darkness, b) slimy frogs and snails raining from the sky, or c) a swarm of locusts and lice? Tough question – keep the lice and give the locust swarm, please! Parents of young children feel they have little choices when it comes to lice removal, besides using OTC products and shampoos. Add pressure from no-nit policy followed by many schools in Florida even with repeated criticism from American Academy of Pediatrics causes parents to take desperate measures for lice removal.

What to Do – Child Caught Scratching His Head

Apart from hours of nitpicking with the help of a good quality metal nit comb, lice specialists at Lice Troopers in Coral Gables suggest educating yourself and kids about the common head louse. This is the only way you, a mom of two daughters can stay sane even after sudden lice outbreaks at the school! Educate your children about how head lice spread, why and what are effective lice removal treatments. Look at the following and tick off points that you already know about head lice. You’d be surprised at some:
  •  The common head lice i.e. humanus pediculous capitis only attacks humans. Our pets don’t get this type of lice.
  •  A head louse is small in size – and can be found in tan, brown, or gray color-wise.
  •  Head lice cannot jump or fly. What is their favorite mode of transport? Crawling really fast and spreading through head-to-head contact.
  •  No other parasite loves the dark and warmth as much as the common head louse. You’ll find this bug behind the ears, at the nape and under a ponytail.
  •  Head lice can also be found on eyebrows, eyelashes, and beards.
  •  Lice eggs resemble dandruff a lot. An untrained eye can easily mistake one for the other, increases chances of misdiagnoses.
  •  Did you know a female louse lays up to 10 eggs every day?
  •  Your 5 year old boy is less likely to get head lice, compared to your girl. That is because of short hair.
Another important thing to remember is…anyone can get head lice! The common head louse is an equal opportunity infester, meaning lice don’t discriminate between gender, age, or hair type. Fight easier battles in nitpicking by giving this job to the lice removal clinic that kills more than just your daughter’s nits! Lice Troopers Miami is here.