Phases of Lice Infestation from a Parent’s Perspective

The infestation of that tiny, creepy, six-legged creature has repercussions. As a parent, even hearing that your kid might have lice might sends shivers down your spine. When the dreaded event actually comes to be true, you are left stunned. A thousand different thoughts rush through your mind at the same time. It’s a difficult time, but you are human, you survive. Here are 6 stages of lice infestation that you as a parent go through. Read on, you might be able to relate:

Initial Innocence

In the beginning, you do not seem to notice signs. That scratching of the head does not hit you as something ominous. You carry on with your life, oblivious of what’s about to happen.


Until finally, that dreaded notice arrives. You do not seem to grasp the idea that something so horrendous could happen and go into a state of denial. You look for signs to disprove that there might be any existence of lice near your kid. In your head, you are thinking, “We’re a clean family, this doesn’t happen to us. This is a misunderstanding.”


In this stage, the calamity slowly begins to strike you. From praying more to volunteering, you ask God if there’s a way it can be just a bad dream. You are willing to do everything in your power to make it unreal.


This is the stage when you finally realize that lice infestation has happened and are terror-stricken. You think of all the instances where you were a bad parent. You also think of mean things that your kid will have to go through.


After the horror stage subsides, anger stage sets in. You are angry at yourself, your kid, the school and even, the kid’s friends. You are thinking of all the ways lice might have crept in and whose fault it might be. You start checking your house for any signs of lice.


Finally, you accept the situation and start learning to live with it. You take measures for lice treatment and start cleaning the house. This time, you are focused. You won’t let any lice survive. You make sure that your kid is taking all the preventive measures, like not sharing clothing items, avoiding head contact and so on. You acknowledge that the blood-sucking insects might have won this time, but you won’t ever let that happen again. We at Lice Troopers offer head lice removal services in Kendall. From in-home lice removal to complete home inspection and cleaning, we provide comprehensive lice removal services.