Denial to Depression: The Stages of Head Lice

The new school session is in fullswing, your kid’s doing great, the PTA calendar is full, assignments and homework are being done, and everything’s set as per the routine. Then suddenly, one day, you get the phone call. Your kid has lice. Your stomach lurches, your heartbeat speeds up, and your palms start getting sweaty. Various emotions and thoughts run through you a mile a minute. You call up your spouse and relay to them the dreaded news. Now comes the time to go through the stages of experiencing a head lice outbreak.


The first natural reaction to learning that your kid has lice is obvious denial. You wash and bathe your kid every day, right? They can’t possibly have lice! Denial is a perfectly normal coping mechanism for handling shock so it’s natural to be in denial about it for a while. You try to come to grips with the situation slowly.


While acceptance comes last in the Stages of Grief, with head lice, acceptance is often the second stage in an outbreak. You’ve slowly started to accept the fact that your kid has lice and that you have to deal with it. You start looking up natural remedies online and going to the store to get lice shampoos. Your kitchen counter has turned into a part-salad dressing, part-pharmacy station. You’ve gotten a nit comb and you finally feel like you have it under control. (12 hours later…)


After hours of slaving away at your kid’s head, meticulously and literally nitpicking, you finally absorb the magnitude of what you’ve gotten into. And then comes the anger. You’re cranky and frustrated about having to deal with lice because some other kid’s parent didn’t do their part of the job to treat their childs’ lice. You even start feeling angry for being angry until you just lie down from exhaustion.


By this time, it’s probably been days you’ve sequestered yourself from society. You’re hunkered down in your home trying to limit the spread of lice. Perhaps another one of your children has gotten lice from the first one or you yourself. You feel like nothing can be done anymore and your sanity has been pushed beyond its breaking point.

A Ray of Hope

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