Close Encounters: 3 Times You Dodged a Lice Bullet

Beauty isn’t the only thing found in unlikely places. The next time you scratch your head in bewilderment, amazed by the splendor of a surreal moment—you might want to take a moment to reconsider the cause of that itch. Head lice are vicious, relentless, hungry and incredibly widespread. They hide in dark alleyways and quiet corridors, the bed you sleep so soundly in, and the hairbrush you use so lovingly on your unassuming head.

Playing Hide and Seek

Despite the notoriety of head lice when it comes to contagion, they remain mysterious by virtue of their chameleon-like ability to hide in plain sight. You’d think the best way to avoid them is to simply maintain physical distance with an infested individual. But how many people in the subway station do you know personally? How do you tell if their heads are crawling with a battalion of head lice with voracious appetites? You simply can’t. And that’s just one of many places you visit routinely. Here are 3 others to put the cherry on top:

1. Queues

You’re waiting in line, maybe for the bathroom, maybe for coffee. It doesn’t matter where, why, how, or when. What matters is you’re stuck for an extended period of time, sandwiched between two heads possibly invaded by foreign life.

2. Concerts

It’s dark, it’s crowded, it’s loud, it’s your favorite band. Ready to rock? So are head lice.

3. Amusement Parks

Ice cream? Check. Tank and shorts? Check. Crazy rides? Check. A baseball cap or hat that covers every inch of your head while you sit on the fastest roller coasternext to a potentially infested girl with long hair? Um…. We know what you’re thinking. Lice are literally everywhere. And there’s really no way to protect yourself from their clutches without ruining your social life. But what is possible and practical, is to spread the word about pesticide free lice removal treatments and the importance of going for regular head screenings and check-ups. We understand the frustration of contracting lice from a stranger or a friend. This is why we provide non-toxic 100 percent guaranteed solution in the shape of highly effective lice removal treatments in our salons and in-home services. For more on head lice detection and prevention, contact Lice Troopers and let their team of professional lice doctors Miami Beach guide you to a lice-free existence.