Are DIY Lice Removal Treatments Busting Your Wallet?

The number of head lice infestation cases in the United States is around 6 to 12 million every year. Most of these cases involve children and occur at school. Although these critters do not pose any serious health concerns, they can be pretty tough on your wallet. According to some estimates, the spending on treating lice reaches around $1 billion every year. This astounding figure alone reveals that Americans do not just want to get rid of lice, they are also willing to pay heaps to make that happen. When infested by lice, one can’t just simply ignore it. Each louse in your hair can lay up to 6 eggs in one day. These eggs take 7 to 10 days to hatch. And the process goes on. This multiplication occurs exponentially, leaving the infested person vulnerable to a host of infections.

The Costs of OTC Products

On average, Americans spend almost 3 to 6 months to treat a lice infestation in the family. When infested by lice, the first instinct is to reach for chemical products available in the market. While you may think that just one application of this product will take care of the parasites, you will be disappointed. Several eggs may have hatched and you may need to reapply the chemical after 10 days and that, too, may not be enough. Moreover, recent studies have also shown that lice have developed a special resistance against these chemicals and therefore, these products are now not as effective as they used to be. All of this means you will be spending a lot if you carry on along these lines.

Other Costs

Lice infestation does not just involve monetary costs; it also involves emotional. All this time, your kids will be away from school, which will create stress. Having lice may have your kid ousted from some of the gatherings due to the social stigma attached to it. Furthermore, itching continuously may disturb their sleep. Moving on to the more dangerous costs, these pesticides have been found to be related to cancer. Several studies have shown that chemicals, such as Lindane and Malathion (commonly used in lice treatment products) are linked to cancer and other serious medical conditions.

A Reasonable Method

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